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"you have to slow down"

You have to slow down. But if you slow down more You will twist In place like a swinging vine
And then the seasons Will change
The old of you has darkenedAqualine fibrous
Faerie houses if anything At all is what you built here
"All this time I waited

Until one day when I was too old

To play a part but I couldn't stop."

When she died

She gave me life

And from my life she gave me

An unplanned gift

The world can't survive
These are the fearsThat keep us from facing children's Questions
"Who is this child?"一

"You look a bit scared. 一"Who are you?"一

"He's a part of me that feels so lonely."一"Does he feel like a friend?"一"Can he help?"一"Do you have any parents?"
LolRemember. Consciousness is not the substance of being

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