First bingo confession. Confession the first.

Today at the bingo hall a woman dressed like the statue of liberty claimed that turning the world into a nightmare funhouse of corporate states is the solution to the problem of the gradual lowering of the human intelligence over time. The phenomena are caused by the size of human civilization, proper. This is a network effect and it seems strange to assume that the flow of bodies would be strictly controlled in the way what would be necessary to ensure control over genomics in a system of governance predicated upon the ability of the citizen to freely associate among competing states. The idea here is that some states, the very states composed of a majority of people who adopted the ideology of business princedoms. They call it neocameralism. This is already assuming a knowledge of genomics orders of magnitude beyond current science. The number of insane assumptions that have to be made here is staggering but its worth a look in order to try to find places from which to choke your victims to death on their own beautiful tongues.

If anyone is going to make his own country it's going to be...
who knows

tons of people are going to become ultramega rich via bitcoins. And if that is not the case we could have a continual slow squeeze of the middle classes, huge debts that feed ever larger cash injections. Where can we extract the capital from? This is the game. The economy runs on debt, the debt is scaled into irrelevance with capital gains and the game is to find some way to allow business to extort capital from the international markets. For the last few years, a big winner in terms of capital extortion has been the internets and computers.

I'm a big fan of capital exchange. I'm all for it give me more of it. I'll take some of yours if you are able to enjoy the transaction. But the fact of the matter is. Thts that. No one ever went to jail for being a rabbit.

Little princedoms. What are they waiting for? Strike it rich, strike it out.


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