ham sandwich erotica 80s mascho kitsch mashup

Now is the mid brunch of our discontent.

Our discontent owns stock in Kraft. Our discontent overpaid for its stock in Kraft.

I want to really talk about my poop with my healthcare professor. My healthcare
professional. I need this. I have nothing else, I need this. 

The ethics of creating tools to kill.

Scenario a: 
Entities XYZ creates tools to kill.
their products reach market P, as a result, market P engages in more killing using fewer killers, creating a greater overall killing efficiency. There is a  market surplus of deaths, wages for killers go down, supply surpassing demand. 

Scenario b:
Entities ABC do not create tools to kill,
Their products reach market N, market N engages in fewer killings using more killers. There is an inefficiency in the killing market. There is a market demand for death unmet, wages for killers go up. 


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