Chekhov's Nun

The emanations of my fragmented brain lie here in rot and ramble.

Is it better to read the same Chekhov story three times or read three different Chekhov stories?
If repetition: what is the optimal repetition schedule and for what purported effects?

How many times can you listen to the same song in a row?

Montaigne followed by Chekhov followed by the platform sutra of the 6th patriarch..

I would face the fires of hell once again and die the eight deaths of the mind if that's all it would take for me to be able to write stories I was proud of. Any stories at all actually...

In an hotel - Anton Chekhov
An Enigmatic Nature - Anton Chekhov
Sorrow - Anton Chekhov
Essay's of Montaigne
A Buddhist Bible, Platform Sutra of the 6th Patriarch.


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