Dear Reader,


Know your audience, they say. Write for the audience first. What does this mean when you write into the mirror? What does it mean when the man in the mirror is so often a stranger?

Maybe I know who my Ideal Reader is. Maybe I have always known.

Thank you, Dear Reader.

I'm sorry, Dear Reader.

No worries, Dear Reader, I can
do this                            all day.

That's the safe distance between you and I, Dear Reader.

I'm just a bobble head waiting for an earthquake.

These convulsions are simply seismic data.

They don't say nothing about me, because there is no me that
remains beyond the day.

                                                        I died last night.
                                                        Tonight I will die again.
                                                        Tomorrow, there will be nothing left,
                                                        Yet, I will still die.
                                                        Every nothing is marked to die.
 What the anvil, what the flame..
                                                         What immortal hand or eye
                                                         Could save my tearful sin-
                                                         I Try.



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