Notes on My Morning Coffee, Episode 1.

I am officially insane, but this only makes my claims for genius stronger.

What separates normal crazy from genius is the ability to distinguish unusable ideas from usable ideas. General intelligence is asked to navigate a world where some aspects of phenomenal experience are known to be "untrusted", but the User has to try to figure out which ones are which. Higher IQ means better performance on this unenviable discrimination task. When one is insane the field of mental perception is often very crowded, stimuli that "should" be easily filtered out become impossible to ignore.

This is the reason that we experience paranoid delusions, the intensity of the stimuli jump starts semantic reasoning modules out of context, imbuing mental perceptions with complex and irrational connections to the rest of the semantic network.

I am profoundly grateful for having been able to do my military service before experiencing 'The Snap'. That's what I'm calling my psychotic break.  I've seen things I never imagined I'd see in my life; touched Heaven, and made my name known in Hell.

I have to thank my Mom again for deciding not to medicate me when I was young. They had me diagnosed with ADHD and she decided not to drug me up. That's probably why I was able to keep my creativity. If I had been born to a more compliant set of parents, I'd have been medicated and by now I'd probably be a lawyer, married to a political princess, scheming. I call this move, 'The T-800'.

I have a cousin who was diagnosed young, he was medicated. She said she saw how he was "like a little zombie" and decided not to do it. Fookin' Legend, Mate.


Life can change so quickly. If I haven't learned that by now, I haven't learned anything.

This is my simplified formula for Mastery. 

Step 1. Apply discipline.

Step 2. Take Courage

Step 3. Flourish.

Step 4. Give Thanks

Repeat in Harmonic Oscillations.


My general intelligence is not super great, but it is GOOD ENOUGH to be able to try to make those distinctions. The point is that as long as you are trying, you are still working with better material, much more diverse combinations of ideas. Most of them will seem absurd or stupid. Have you ever listened to Bowies work from the late 90's? It's not that great. Did he stop? Funk no, child. His last three albums are some of his all time Greatest!

Keep fucking working.

Our habits and conditioned behaviors are the vehicle that delivers our thoughts unto us, that structure the relationship of our thoughts to the world.

To attempt to engineer this vehicle in order to be able to navigate the pressures of venturing into the truly unknown reaches of inner space, and return with HIS DARK MATERIALS, (those obsidian artifacts of consciousness[my friend calls them fossils]),

Is the only form of engineering that matters.



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