Nothing left to say.

Do you have nothing left to say? 
I too was mute when I saw it
Then I said, “so stupid, so 
Vast and stupid.”
We take in the sea,
dark, smooth, And so on. 
And this is my message for you.

Hardcore is in the fucking heart. 
Don’t let death threaten you.
Death has cold hands but also cold feet.
It fears life. 
But I know I didn't write that letter.
It's not that hard anymore.
And there's the end of our story; 
it's not exactly as I wrote it
My story has always been mine
To write, I don’t know 
What story you are burying
In my heart, but I don’t care
Because I lived, and I will die.
I never failed to face you
I never failed to offer my hand
My story has always been mine 
I didn't come to play the song
It's all up to all of us if we want to

If you don't want us there, then don’t come.
Do you want us there, or not?
I want what you want;
To be Free, full stop.

The only music in the end is the music of the ocean. 
You will never see the sun again.

All I see now is the black water
Of sleep
A Letter to the Mannequins‭ ( ‽ )
And a maze
"I wanted to know what you saw."

"Why were they built on such tall buildings?"

"I want to make another one.

"If I can't make another one,

I want to make some of the old ones out of wood."

"You see?”
I was a wooden boy, who dreamed of becoming a 
Real human man, 
Instead I became Tetsuo, the 
Iron Man. 
"Do you want this?"
Herry was a wooden boy, 
who dreamed of becoming a real man,
instead he became Tetsuo, the real man.
Herry was also a boy, 
who dreamed of becoming a real man, 
instead he became Tetsuo, the iron man.
Herry was also a boy
Who dreamed of becoming a real man,
Instead he became Tetsuo, the real boy,
Made of Iron.
"Yes, I want this."

Hairy was also a boy,

Who dreamed of becoming a real man,

instead he became Tetsuo, the real man,

Made Of Iron.

"But what is an iron man supposed to do?”
His thoughts must be music
Because they are sharp and hard
And they must be put
Into motion
Else time will seep into his joints,
The steel plates of his skull,
Rust will shut the hinges on his 
An iron man must move, 
And do:
To smash things

And cause great ripples

And be the greatest

Bastard of all men.
To fall brilliantly burning
Through the atmosphere
To rest in his precious
Dust, and dirt, and sand. 
"The real boy, who dreamt of becoming a real man

Instead was Tetsuo."

it is true that for the majority of the movie the only thing to have happened is that he was taunted by girls who may have never existed, therefore nothing may have happened. 
Yet the film continued 
"His eyes stared out at me and he said "Don't look at me…" and he walked briskly away.

I think he was mad about it, but I couldn't tell him."

and he goes around the school,

Trying to be the one,

"But what has he actually done?”
The next scene has him going to get his stuff from the room across from him. Suddenly,

"I looked again.” 
He was gone. 

Then, inexplicably,

I came around on the next day and he was gone."

And then I found him spinning in the steel shavings
In a black cat’s eye.
I found him on the wet edge of a sliver
Of sod-grass. 
I found him in the bottom 
Of a dark pool of water
That washes over me 
Once the moon is full.
In this way, the story is told without the slightest hint of irony or irony about it, and the film itself has no sense of irony in it at all.

So, what is the point here?
If you have the ability to move beyond that pool
Then our time together 
Is wisely spent.
If you know that in your current form 
You cannot move beyond that pool
Then your reason for being here is also
Time, you need more time. 
Perhaps a little longer than 
The entire chronoverse. 
It seems that the film is trying to say that we don't have to accept everything as perfect, as well as that our sense of the future isn't always perfectly correct, and that we have to go along with our sense of time, even if we don't agree with it.

But that is just like the author;
To set us up with questions,
And never offer final answers, but ensure that there remain
Nested hierarchies to explore,
All new, yet all born from 
The familiar echos. 
Or as if he was talking about some weird science fiction book, and I have to assume he is, because it is obvious in his writings that he is a science fiction writer.
I've never read any books in which the protagonist was a young man, but one can surmise that this is also a book about growing up. 
And that is one of the things that really impresses me in The Book of Strange New Things.

I wonder if I could get your thoughts on writing an essay about what one doesn't understand about science fiction?
The main purpose of science fiction is to explore the possibilities inherent in the knowledge that we as humans currently possess, and to relate that knowledge to the grand design of the human experiment proper; which has always been the exploration of the mind, consciousness, and the struggle to bring love into this realm and protect it.
In this way science fiction is properly categorized along with fantasy. The problem I have with that classification is, that it assumes science fiction is made by 'experts' who know how it should or shouldn't be done (or is it?), while fantasy is made by 'amateurs and geniuses' who just can't figure out how to make it right. 今
The reason they are classified together is that both literary forms make as their primary concerns, not simply the nuances of form and style that make up the minutiae of our lives, but rather the primary colors. That is to say, the bold and often infantile and powerful emotions that motivate us beyond and beneath our petty rationalizations. This is ironic, given the so called rational basis of science fiction. 
It becomes more clear when you begin to analyze the primary colors of fantasy and science fiction, a phenomenon most immediately apparent in the fantasy genre. In fantasy this is the world in which wizards and dwarves work magic, and where their work is justified by the whim of the world; the most obvious example being Tolkien's Middle Earth. 
Fantasy also takes advantage of the magic system.

In science fiction, the magic system allows the authors to be far more daring; however, as with fantasy, the magic system is very much justified by the premise of a world that is far far away from our own.
But what if I were to tell you, that there is a magic system at work in our own world? As we are often reminded, “any sufficiently advanced technology will appear to be magic”, to the uninnoculated mind. Even now, we are using magic. Each of these words, as ephemeral as they are, are changing your consciousness. If that isn’t magic, we don’t know what is.
The next step in understanding the magical system is to understand the concept of a magic system in fiction. How this magic system is constructed? 
In fiction magic systems generally function by anchoring to what we call “the elements”, which again are simply a simple color coded concept matrix which we use to perform a certain type of uncertainty measurement. For the essence of magic is this: what John Keats calls “negative capability”, the ability to remain within uncertainties without judgement, or preening desire to resolve into one form or the next, but being, simply being within this delicate web, and feeling. 
In fiction we are often reminded that science fiction is about magic in every respect. There's magic in your microwave (and that's exactly what it is). 
In some ways, magic system and “psi” system are more closely connected than I would like, but I can't see how one could do the same by using real science or magic in fiction. For instance, physics is a bit more complicated than just describing an object by it's mass. The intricacies of those descriptions and interactions are beautiful and necessary in their own right, but would serve as an impediment in the construction of a powerful story. 
We must remember that a story is a machine. It is a machine that produces almost anything one can imagine, but only for the skillful operator. Each product of the machine must appear more akin to a destination, than a construction. But each destination must be meticulously and painstakingly constructed by the pilot AS HE IS FLYING TO THE DESTINATION. 
When they say fiction is hard they are not kidding. One of the most fundamental problems with science in fiction is that its "facts" are usually so unoriginal and cliched , that it's easy for the reader to forget what "fact" means: a thing that's "factual" doesn't have to be accurate. One might say that all of literature is a grand library of facts about human nature, the soul, the heart.
I used to be a professor: I was a math genius. This is the most important thing I learned.
Beauty isn’t everything. Perfection is just completeness. We are complete just as we are.
I always felt that one of the most difficult things was to make the reader feel more for the protagonist, the protagonist than for the hero. You want the reader to be curious for this person who is being so wonderfully, beautifully written.
I used to be the editor and then the copy editor and later, director for a magazine. I liked editing a lot. My favorite part about editing is the feeling of seeing things fall into place. As if that was their home to begin with all along. 
People say that one thing that makes movies good is the editing: to give you the feeling that things are getting better and better.

I really wanted to be a writer, but I think that it was something else that interested me more. Sort of like building things out of Lego. As a child I never had legos. They were too expensive. My father likes to remind me of the time I took apart his pocket watch. “But was I able to put it back together?”, I ask him. 
Was I ever able to put it back together? I ask myself when I look at my mind. I tell you this story now:

I had been working in the music business in the late seventies. At that time, you couldn't play a song by a band called The Doors without having heard of them, as well as Jim Morrison. 
For the next two years I worked in different music stores and record shops from Mexico City, and then I came to Paris. The Paris music scene was absolutely amazing. 
If you want to do something you have to be sure to do it right, you have to know where you're going. You have to know.
My head hurts as much as my heart now.
I'm going to get a haircut. I will shave my face.


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