ship of theseus remixed

I return thoughts to 
The ship of theseus 
Shinto temples rebuilt like a cyclical adolescence 

It's like the night we watched "the young maths" 
In the classroom where I learned I was nearsighted, the same wood walls absorbing
'what through the green tube shoots the flower', 
that light slowly radiated back to me that cold august night, 
just for me through the voice of the guitar, 
no one else could know I'd been there before 

It seems ridiculous to keep folding back into the ship of theseus while suffering from a head cold 

In the continual loss of this moment, 
thought stolen by vandals that will pawn precious things for serenity, 
for the taste of forever

I feel hungry or sad

When you're standing next to someone else who is chewing fruit flavor gum and you can smell it, 
that's what I mean when I talk about wanting 

I swallow my life one desire at a time

Most times I act like I don't really want to hold on to anything 
But all I do is hold on

I thought of writing an essay on the impossibility of freedom 
But all I have is the title

Luminescent towers half built
elegiac candelabra  

How much remains of the ship of theseus? 

Where are you hellmouth beatific whisperer? 
Orion of my sorrows, 
listening to music from my eyes drowned world.. 

What has become my life, lost ship of theseus? 

Even my memories are replaced by ribs of dreaming, 
working poesy on this ship of theseus 

Years derelict wandering as a book read its meaning forgotten,
lilac groaning against night air, 
darkness echoes star light,


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