The vehicle.

One night I ran down the street singing. I ran and ran. I sang. I sang. 
The words were a gift to me. I took that gift and I purified it and I purified myself. 

NOthing can be impure. When we want to make it so
We want to see our face not as the mirror sees us
But as you see us.

Im lost but never losing my place but never am I in one place so never can I be lost 

Or in place

Or losing

Or found

Just give one more push

One more breath

She loved him
She loved HIm

She Loved HIm She loved HIm.

And every day after that day it went by

And I learned


To do

What is right

And love

A man.

That night in a bar

The sun was still shining bright as all the other nights

When the man came.

So a few nights later I was in my car negotiating the streetsicle.

I heard a song coming through.

"I want to hold him forever."

Margie loved him.

“We have to let them go. Our job is to make it so that they don’t need us. So that when we die, they are still whole and beautiful and we are still with them.”

And that night the man gave me a piece of paper. It was an address.

Show me the address, please.

And my friend started crying and saying,





Neither did I when I was your age. But I survived didn’t I? Enjoy childhood if you can, but if they won’t let you be a child then that's what the problem is. 



That my spirit wants to get close to that man that I am thinking about. Sweeney


It was a very old letter. The return address was for the man who wrote it to Margie in the first place.

We are all Satoshi. 

So I wrote that letter. But I never wrote it again.

I hope the letter made it. I hope she manages to let go. 

Penny, the beautiful, mysterious, brilliant, wonderful, strange, loving girl. 

My secret heart. I am trying to let you go, but I don’t know what my soul is and why it calls to you like to water or to light or to breath, but I am trying to search myself to find a man, a man that can be loved. 

These are not wants or needs, but the pillars of heaven, hell; all the worlds. 

I want to go home.

I want to see my friends.

So do I.

* * *

The following morning I woke up in a bed I didn’t know.

My head was on a table and the top of my body was on the floor and then I was in an old, ancient building, a very old building. 





So how did I know this?

Because there was an old, old man sitting there with an old, old black beard who was not talking and he was making a lot of noises and he was scratching with his beard and then his beard got wet and then it got dry.



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