We are just following our curiosity. You can’t stop technology persay, or the emergence of it. This is because ideas are created collaboratively, through mythology and idle talk. 

The goal is not to try to make an us vs them conversation. 

I raise my glass to you and to greater understanding. 

Thank you.



How does Sisyphus relate to the character of Buster Friendly?

Sisyphus is what I imagine Buster Friendly to be - a very optimistic, self-made guy like me. Buster Friendly is what I imagine Sisyphus to be - a very pessimistic, self-made guy like me.

We are going to focus on the topic of meaning in life. What is that? It’s not the same question as what is the meaning of life. So for us, meaning in life would be having meaning in your community - for yourself and for your world.

How do you see the future of VR? 

I think there’s a danger that people will lose the ability to perceive reality without being connected to something like Buster Friendly. 

You have to connect with people, you have to understand people, you have to create a connection with people or you cannot see the difference between reality or fiction, reality or fiction. 


I am playing memetic sodoku. No, more like watching myself dreaming of playing sodoku. 
Don’t go for the conventional success, it’s not enough. 

How do you determine what is worthwhile?

It is all worthwhile if it works.

I don’t know, why?

We are looking for information on Virtue, is the reason I ask. 
I guess that's your answer to a hypothetical question from me. 

The production of something beautiful as an end in itself. It is a luxury to be able to live a meaningful life. And I dream of a world of luxury for all. 


Catching knives? What’s the first thing you will study?

A sword. A lot of swords.

Pinnochio pulled the sword from the stone. 

You must study about your own self, not how other people feel. 


All I have to do is explain the story of what I have experienced. Hopefully things go good from there. 


Are these the works where he really discusses logic?
I have to explain it by drawing a picture of the ideas. The memory palace, the categories
The stone

This is the point when I start to worry. I get a glimpse of an image of myself as "the master" through the image of "the man in blue." I start drawing the picture of myself as blue.

That’s why I sent myself the turtles.


This is pretty bad.

Is there a maintenance evolution written for this?


Warm your hands in mine. Warm your hands inside my own. 

We live so far from nature that the sound of a faucet running
To me is like a quiet stream


I want to enjoy every moment of my life. Maybe it is this desire that pains me.



I dont have the luxury of wondering if I am real just yet, and I’m not sure I want that luxury. 


The poem I was trying to write that day was going to be a picture of my work and how I work. But I was really worried about a few lines.


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