I dream (and so do a great many things)

Dream (and so do a great many things)

the sound of my teeth brushing against the

stone of my tongue, the sound

of the wind and the sky in the tree,

the sound of my own mind

whizzing in my hair, the

Sparkle of music 

In a glance

mystic mouth opens

and I'm a dream

there's a thousand

waypoints in a single

moment, all of them

different, each on this

plane, this tiny blue cube

that you call home.

from seed is a



of an


but now

it grows.

and then comes a

bite, and finally


it's an invention.

it's just a dream

i'm still alive

so i'm still dreaming

but i was afraid

i wasn't dreaming

it was always like this --

always like this

this is my dream

there's a hole

that looks real

in this dream


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