i want to lick the ice cream off of your face mask

I want to lick the ice cream
Off of your face mask
The tears of a robot taste
Like strawberry shake
Shake shake 

I will warm the metal
Of your grubbers in mine
I’m too high far away
To see anything feelings
Might take root on

I feel like peeling the bark from a tree
I can’t say why
Maybe I would keep a piece in my pocket
Maybe i’d sniff the bastard
When I felt weird
And separated from rocky ridges

I could pass out 
At the introduction of your heartbeat
Into an afternoon

We must exchange randomized 
Polygons of self
And this is spirits camouflage 
Maybe we can steal the ship of days
The ship of theseus

Light a candle
Blow this pop stand

Remember the memories are fine and fleeting
What must be recited
Is the litany of touch

I caress each actual thing
And forget the taste of alphabet

It's really nice to have someone to share things with
That's what I'm saying


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