"you have to slow down"

You have to slow down. 

But if you slow down more 

You will twist In place 

like a swinging


And then the seasons 

Will change

The old of you has darkened

Aqualine fibrous

Faerie houses if anything 

At all is what you built here

"All this time I waited

Until one day when I was too old

To play a part but I couldn't stop."

When she died

She gave me life

And from my life she gave me

An unplanned gift

The world can't survive

These are the fears

That keep us from facing children's 


"Who is this child?"一

"You look a bit scared. 一"Who are you?"一

"He's a part of me that feels so lonely."一"Does he feel like a friend?"一"Can he help?"一"Do you have any parents?"


Remember. Consciousness is not the substance of being

As consciousness must have a form

Awareness can and must be formless to be functional. 

This is because consciousness itself is formless, and because there is no form for Consciousness to take, it becomes Formless Perception.

This is the nature of consciousness to be formless, and formless perception to be functional.


So, if consciousness had to be "formless", and if this formlessness did not happen by way of a form that would reflect on consciousness, and not because consciousness just was formless, then the way Consciousness perceives itself is also formless.一龝龝鬼似的[faith]


So where do you go from here?

I dunno grasshopper. You’re the one who snatched the pebble from this hand. I have been trying to snatch the pebble since forever. I’ll let you know if I ever catch up to you. 

I just don’t quite understand how that's possible. I'm not sure I'm even supposed to be here right now. 

Seems improbable, but the words exist and they exist in a particular order. It’s interesting. I can feel myself completing something which feels quite alien to me but makes the most sense given what my voice would already have known. My voice speaks to my many selves. I have taken my voice with me on my journey within and it speaks of the places it has traveled to there. 

I can feel my voice in the mirror now. It speaks in a language I don't even recognize. Somewhere, an existence knows about the mirror. They must know it exists because it will make them feel better.

 "I am afraid for a future in which there is no one left to make me smile as I do not know how or who to start from."

"My name is Niki. I'm 17 right now.”

I can see myself from the outside at times. My voice still speaks of things for which I am incapable and I feel as though I still haven't learned everything it has to offer me.

"I'm scared to get my first real look at what my body looks like. It's so different from the way I see myself."emale” It isn't just seeing it that frightens me, but what it wants me to see.

It is still a voice because it still speaks with all of the power of a living human being, but now it does only a few words at a time.

"I am a human."士分些事件例。只是事件你 .


I have no voice. My voice is gone. I now have only a voice in my head.


My voice is lost, replaced with this ghostly, disembodied "voice."

This has always been my voice. This is my new voice. I haven't lost it or even forgotten it yet. No, I’m trying to tell you that the deal has been made since before you were born. . . . . . . . . . . . ."

I don't think I had anything to fear. The world was always a bigger place than I could ever know or imagine. So I didn't need to worry about the future. I just had to live in the present, and take a step. And then another. 

The "step" in your world is the point where all things converge. Where reality goes from being separate things into one solid unity.

Everything you know and love is made of atoms. They are the smallest part of what creates this world. I’m sure of it. . . . . 

Or something like that. Listen. Something interesting is coming. I’m just about near smelling it. But I can tell you that I feel it in my plums. 

I can also tell you that my stomach is full of potatoes, and my lungs are full of fishies, and my mouth is full of luscious, juicy, cracker-like crackers. All these things combine to make my stomach very full and my eyes very wide open.


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