my pet rock, jason

 One day my pet rock, Jason, told me to take a long walk. Whenever Jason, my pet rock, tells me I need to do something I take it quite seriously, for it is very unusual for Jason, my pet rock, to speak. This being so, I walked. After walking for some time I came to the end of the road. There at the end of the road, Jason spoke again, he said “This is not the place.”

So I turned around and walked back in the other direction. After walking for some time I once again reached the end of the road. And here, Jason spoke again, “This isn’t the place, either.” Upon hearing this I sat down to reflect. As I was concentrating on trying to understand where I was supposed to be, looking deeply into myself I heard Jason, my pet rock, speak again. “This is the place.”, Jason said. 

After a long time I stood up again. I began to walk back home but Jason said, “You cannot go back.” 

Upon hearing this I threw Jason, my pet rock, into a nearby river. Then I continued on my journey home. But when I arrived at where my home was supposed to be, all that was there was a note, and a rock. It was not Jason, my pet rock, but another rock. I picked up the rock and I picked up the note. It read, “You cannot go back.”

I wrapped the stone with the note and began walking again. Once I reached the end of the road, I placed the stone wrapped in the note there, down on the ground, at the end of the road. Then I laid down under the shade of a mesquite tree, to rest. When I awoke the rock wrapped in the note was gone, and something happened to the road. Whereas before, the road abruptly ended, now there was a fork in the road. Three branches of the road lay before me. The middle path, the left hand path, and the right hand path. 

Unsure of what to do, I carefully remove my head from my body, fashion a set of legs for it using sticks from the nearby mesquite tree and sent it walking down the middle path. My legs and hips I sent along the right hand path, and my torso and arms I sent along the left hand path. 

I saved a lock of my hair before I sent off my head, and buried it with a mesquite seed beneath the mesquite tree.. After sometime, a gentle sapling began to grow from that spot. But this was no ordinary sapling. It had a face and arms and fingers and eyes.


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